Cineline deals with:

  • DCP mastering of feature movies digital copies,
  • duplicating DCP digital copies (on your or our or borrowed from us CRU DX-115 discs),
  • generating and managing digital keys KDM that protect the movies from illegal use
  • also encoding cinema materials for VOD, internet formats and for all television formats.

We will repack each movie and synchronize all the subtitles in each of the languages on the world (well, perhaps without Manchurian)



Every movie is verified on each stage of the production and on each stage of DCP duplication.

We can go through each movie, trailer and a cinema advertising spot together with our clients and we can verify them in our cinema room. And thanks to our DCI projector we can play and verify the quality of each movie material 24 hours a day.



Our software and hardware allows to duplicate 100 DCI copies of every movie within 24 hours. And each copy is provided with 24 hours support for 365 days.



With great pleasure we also deal with trailer postproduction of the movies to be distributed and advertising spots to be shown in cinemas.

We can produce any video and sound format:

  • beginning with the all internet formats...
  • through AVI, MOV...
  • and BD and DVD authoring...
  • ... and all television formats (among others MXF, H.264. ProRes 422 HQ, 4444...)
  • ...to 4K and STEREOSCOPY!
Looking forward to hearing from you...


Cineline Team


About us

There are three of us... Each much different.

We have been working in movie industry for many years. We worked as producers, scriptwriters, screenwriters, directors, editors, sound directors, sound engineers, we produced DCP, created sound 5.1, duplicated DCP and prepared stereoscopy.

We made feature movies, documentaries, spots, trailers, advertisements, documentary and feature series.

One day we decided to join and we created CINELINE !

The key points of our activities are:

  • mastering of DCP digital copies of feature movies, spots and advertisements.
  • duplicating DCP digital copies,
  • postproduction of spots, trailers and advertisements to be shown in cinemas.

We cooperate with the biggest distributors in Poland. Each month our DCP services stretch more and more to the West, East and South of Europe. We also think about the North...

All the time we raise our skills and we up-to-date with the newest DCI technologies (Digital Cinema Initiatives). Thanks to that we are able to ensure the highest standards of safety for our services.

Quality is our motto!

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Cineline Team



CineLine s.c.
ul. Peszteńska 12
03-925 Warszawa

Email: office@cineline.pl
Website: www.cineline.pl

Tel/fax: +48 22 203 59 52

+48 604 208 207
+48 668 381 002
+48 693 403 309
+48 726 572 581

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